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Frequently Asked Questions | Sounds Unlimited

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5 stars review!
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5 stars review! 5.0/5.0

Our DJ Jon was very courteous and flexible. All the music was great and everyone was dancing!

5 stars review! 5.0/5.0

Our Sounds Unlimited DJs were very professional and fun. They were interactive when you needed them to be and in the wings when...

5 stars review! 5.0/5.0

Our DJ was very helpful in making sure that our event flowed, and he got people up and dancing. He did a great job at selecting songs in...

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I am so pleased with your customer service. These days with technology so prominent I loved the communication. You made me feel like my celebration really mattered, and I was not just another ‘computerized customer.’

— K. Larsen Wedding: July 2015

Our DJ went above and beyond! He ran the event smoothly, was kind and considerate, and very professional.

— Jack Wedding: 11/22/2013

Loved Sounds Unlimited. Our DJ and MC were fantastic and they made every part of the day great.

— Laura Wedding: 09/14/2013

Sounds Unlimited was amazing. They were so eager to match my desires and communicate clearly. My DJ and MC were happy to be there and did their jobs amazing.

— Tahnee Wedding: 08/31/2013

We were EXTREMELY pleased with the service and quality of our DJ! From the moment we first talked to our DJ on the phone to the second he arrived at the venue - we were very well taken care of. :) I will definitely recommend to friends!

— John Wedding: 08/31/2013

Our DJ was very professional and authentic. He was not "cheesy" or inappropriate, and was very respectful of all our guests. I will recommend Sounds Unlimited to everyone I know needing a DJ! Thank You!

— Kaisa Wedding: 08/18/2013

Sounds Unlimited met and exceeded all of my expectations. I felt like they listened to everything we wanted. I'd be absolutely more than happy to recommend Sounds Unlimited to anyone looking for a DJ. Definitely a great value!

— Lan Wedding: 08/17/2013

Our DJ was great - very helpful and the night went very smoothly. Sounds unlimited is a step above other services - great music! moved things along without a hitch. I would recommend them to anyone getting married.

— Georgeann Wedding: 06/29/2013

Sounds Unlimited was simply outstanding. We could not have been more impressed or pleased. Our DJ was far and away the best!

— Ann Wedding: 10/01/2012

Our DJ was excellent! We felt assured that during the whole event we were completely taken care of.

— Jessica Wedding: 09/16/2012

Our DJ was great. He not only met my expectations but exceeded them.

— Jenny Wedding: 08/31/2012

Great! We had a blast at our wedding! Our friends and family had so much fun!

— Ivy Wedding: 07/15/2012

I couldn’t have asked for a better DJ! He was by far the best DJ we have ever seen. Thank you Sounds Unlimited, everyone had an awesome night!

— T. Duffy Wedding: 09/16/2011

Awesome, awesome, awesome. From the lighting, to the music, to the karaoke setup, it was perfect. Our DJ made our wedding feel personal to us and not like "just another wedding". Hands down, best DJ and MC we could have ever hoped for!

— Laura Wedding: 08/06/2011

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I meet with you before I hire you?

Absolutely! We encourage every couple to meet with us, interview us, and check us out from head-to-toe. It’s important that we are the right fit for you. We have comfortable offices, video demos, and lots of testimonials that give you the chance to really see who we are before you hire us.
(More About Planning, Talking with Your DJ, Hiring)

What music will you play at our reception?

The music selection is totally up to you! Every couple is different; some want the DJ to blend their requests with those of their guests to create a fun danceable reception.  Others want the DJ to stick strictly to music they have requested ahead of time. Either way the choice is yours – your day, your music, just the way you want it.
(More About Music Selection)

Will you make the announcements and help with the flow of the reception?

We are experts when it comes to the activities that make a wedding unique and more than just a party. Count on us to help you with as many (or as few) of the traditional announcements and formalities as you would like. 
(More About Announcements, Creating a Flow and Keeping Things Moving)

How much will you interact and entertain at our wedding?

As much or as little as you would like! As with music, couples have very different ideas about what they want for their wedding. If you want your DJ to be personable and outgoing with a fun personality, we have you covered!  And if you want someone who is more laid back and low key, we have the perfect DJ for that, too.
(More About DJ Personality and Selection)

How much do you charge for your services?

Our rates are very competitive and we have a number of packages that are designed to meet a variety of budgets. Your cost will be determined by a number of factors including the date, time, size and location of your reception, and of course, the types of services in which you are interested (think MCs, uplighting, dance floor lighting, photo booths, and many other options you can select).  
(More About Price and Options)

Can you help with lighting, photo booths, and other services?

We have lots of wonderful and creative services that you can use to add that special flair to your wedding. From dramatic uplighting and photo booths, to fun entertainers and unique activities, we can help you make your reception exceptional and distinctive.
(More About Lighting, Fun and Distinctive Options)

Can you assist us with our ceremony, too?

You bet! We provide music and planning assistance with over 100 wedding ceremonies each year. More couples are choosing to say their vows at their reception location than ever before, and we are here to help make that a beautiful moment with a seamless transition from ceremony to reception.
(More About Ceremony Services)

How are you different from other DJs?

First off, we are family-based business that is passionate about weddings! We just love being a part of that once-in-a-lifetime moment that sets the stage for a couple’s new life together. We’re not trying to be corny about it, but it’s truly special and we are honored to be chosen to play a role.

Second, we are all professional trained and highly experienced! You can count on us to get it right at your wedding. If you ask other DJs where they received their training they will tell you…on the job.  That means from trial and error, or in other words, making mistakes at weddings, like…… your wedding. Your wedding is not the time for a part-time DJ to learn how to be a good or even better Wedding DJ. Your wedding should be perfect, and with us it will be.
(What’s the Big Deal About Professional Training?)

Do I need a DJ, or an MC? Or both? Can my DJ just be my MC too? What’s the difference?

Your plans for your reception will dictate if you need an MC/DJ team, or just a DJ. It all comes down to the announcements and flow of your event. If you are just planning on music without the formalities of entrances, toasts, cake cutting, etc. then a DJ should be just fine. On the other hand, the more involved your reception is with activities and announcements, the more important the addition of a well-trained MC is to the success of your reception.
(More About When an MC Makes a Huge Difference at a Wedding)

If for any reason there is an emergency, do you have a backup DJ and equipment?

Absolutely! We are more vigilant than an army of boy scouts when it comes to this! We have a complete backup plan for each booked event; which means an extra vehicle, equipment, and a DJ ready to go – all on call.

The unpredictable can always occur, but our duty is to be prepared at all times so your big day goes as expected. Thanks to our experience and professionalism, you can rest assured your wedding day will go off without a hitch.
(How Is That Different From Other DJs)

Why does everyone consider you the best Wedding DJs – I mean, you win all these awards, but what else?

We have a fantastic team of highly trained pros which makes it easy for us to match a DJ to your personal style. Unlike many one-man DJ services that try to cover all music genres and personality styles with just one guy, we have specific DJs for every musical taste and personal style. The attention to details and our aim for quality makes us truly special.
(More About DJ Personality and Selection)

I like you – how do I book you for my wedding?

Booking us for your special day is easy! Just give us a call at 206.364.4000 and we will answer every one of your questions and walk you through each step of your reception to ensure everything is exactly the way you want it to be. We will talk about ways to personalize your reception, blend in your own style, add unique options, and more. It’s a really simple process!

Give us a call and let’s have a talk about the wedding of your dreams! You will realize why Sounds Unlimited is known as the best wedding DJ in the Northwest.

We will be thrilled to make your dream wedding become reality, creating lifetime memories for you and your other half!

What kind of equipment do you use?

100% digital state of the art equipment is essential for great music and we provide the best. Our DJs have two computers, powered speakers, microphones, dance floor lighting, and much more.
(More About Using Your Microphone for Toasts, Uplighting, etc.)

Can you arrange a karaoke session at my wedding reception?

We sure can, and we promise you lots of fun as well! If you want us to entertain your guests with our fun karaoke service, please call us and we will happily add this to your package. Whether it’s just a few songs throughout the night, or a full-scale karaoke reception, we will make sure everyone has the time of their lives!

Will you let people attend our wedding to preview your services?

We know that wedding crashers are not welcome at your wedding! Each wedding is private and no one should attend without an invitation. Even if someone wants to see our DJs at work, we will respect the privacy of your day.

Planning, Talking with Your DJ, and Hiring

How can I be sure I’m getting a first-rate DJ for my wedding ceremony?

To be honest, here at Sounds Unlimited we don’t even know what a second-rate DJ is! We are known for being the best at what we do, providing terrific couples with equally terrific DJs who are a perfect match for their style and taste. We love weddings and being a part of such an important day and we will give you 100% effort and attention for your wedding. It is true there are many “homeboy DJ’s” out there (very far from the true professionals) that could really spoil a bride’s wedding reception, but you won’t find any of them in our team.

Can I talk with my DJ or MC before the wedding?

Of course! Your DJ or MC will want to chat with you prior to the wedding to discuss all the details and give you the opportunity to point out any particular wish and expectation you may have. We will arrange a one on one conversation with your DJ via Skype, phone or email -whichever is the most convenient for you. As communication is the key to success, you need to have this important chat so your wedding day turns out perfect.

With your Black Tie Service can I meet my MC before my wedding?

Yes, we can arrange a face-to-face meeting with your MC where you can review all the details of your wedding. Should you be too busy for an actual meeting, you can still communicate with your DJ by Skype, phone or email. As communication is the key to success, you need to have this important chat so your wedding day turns out perfect.

Music Selection

How will I select my music for the wedding reception?

Music is a main ingredient for a great reception and we want you to have your own personal wedding soundtrack! We keep updating our online music library on a weekly basis, constantly adding new genres, titles, artists and music eras. By using our vast song collection you will be able to create both your listening and dancing playlists, plus you can also create a “custom song” list with titles you want but can’t find in our library.

Get inspiration from our song suggestions for the newlyweds’ grand entrance, the father-daughter dance, etc., and list how you would like the DJ to prioritize your requests and play certain songs at key moments throughout your reception. You will have total control over your wedding soundtrack!

Will our DJ play all the songs we want for the wedding reception?

Yes, our DJ’s primary role is to play the music you want and he will do his best to make sure he plays as many of the songs and genre(s) you specifically requested.

What if you don’t have a song we want?

Our music library consists of more than 100,000 songs from various music genres and decades, and covers every taste imaginable, but even with that vast library we may not have every request. If we happen not to have a song you want and it’s not readily available on line, you are welcome to bring it on CD or MP3 Player and we will include it in your wedding playlist.

Will our DJ take song requests from our guests at the reception?

If you want him to, yes! For many couples this is a must, but for others they want complete control of their music selection. Either way, we will play the music your way. Lots of requests? No Problem! We will have a huge and varied music library at your wedding. Song requests coming from your family, friends and guests are more than welcome and will be honored if that is your wish.

How many dance songs will the DJ play throughout the ceremony?

Expect to be surprised! The average song today is 4 minutes long with many special mixes quite a bit longer. This means that you can count on your DJ playing between 12 – 15 songs per hour. When making your requests also keep in mind the cocktail, dinner and formality portions of your reception. Actual dancing often lasts only 2 to 2.5 hours or about 30 to 40 dance songs total including slow dance songs.

Do you also provide music for the wedding ceremony?

Absolutely! We helped produce and record one of the world’s most complete and comprehensive wedding music compilation CD’s ever recorded. Used by the editor at Brides Magazine for her own daughter’s wedding it is carried by Tower and Silver Platters and sold internationally on Amazon.com We know ceremony music better than anyone!

Lighting, Fun, and Distinctive Options

What other services do you offer?

Apart from the music, we also provide a number of terrific service options: up lighting, photo booths, dancing on a cloud, cotton candy (yes, it’s really a hit a weddings – try a cotton candy martini too), chocolate fountains, casino tables for the boys, magicians, caricaturists and much more. If you want to add something unusual and different just ask us for ideas.

Announcements, Creating a Flow, and Keeping Things Moving

Will the DJ be making announcements throughout the wedding ceremony?

Sure he will! There is no wedding without announcements! Your DJ will make them in his trained voice so your guests don’t miss any upcoming event during your wedding reception. Everyone will be in the right place at the right time, waiting for things to happen.

Don’t forget about our online planner – it will guide you through your timelines, music selection and every little detail that will make your reception perfect. This easy-to-use tool is something we take pride in because we know every bride feels relaxed knowing every little detail she planned is taken care of.

DJ Personality and Selection

Do You Want to Request a Specific DJ – No Problem!

If you have seen one of our talented DJs and would like them to perform at your event, simply request them as part of your package. It’s that simple.

Not Sure Which DJ is Right for You? That’s Where We Really Shine!

Once we have met with you and have your custom event itinerary and music requests in hand, we will be able to match you with the perfect DJ to meet your needs. You will then be able to speak with him prior to your event to ensure that everyone feels 100% comfortable.

I am looking for a DJ that fits my own style. Can I have a guy that is fun, witty and entertaining at the same time?

Worry no more because we’ve got just the DJ to fit your every requirement! Sounds Unlimited takes pride in its exclusive team of professional DJ’s, and we offer every type of personality: from witty to sophisticated – it all depends on the bride’s request. Our DJ’s are well trained, charming, versatile and polished, and will perform in a flawless, uninterrupted rhythm, respecting all your requests and necessary announcements. We have the best DJ’s the Northwest has to offer and we surely know how to match the perfect candidate to your style and reception.

How can I be sure you will select the ideal reception DJ for me?

We are really great at selecting the best DJ for any bride’s wedding reception. You can relax and breathe a sigh of relief – this is one of the reasons Seattle Bride Magazine awarded us no less than 7 times The Best DJ Service. We are masters in this delicate selection process!

In order to match you with the ideal DJ we will first talk to you, listen to all your wishes, understand the personalities of both you and your fiancé and your vision about your wedding. Your online planning assistant and music selection will also give us good hints about the type of DJ we should select for your ceremony. And we’ll be dead on, as usual!

Who says you’re the best, besides you, of course?

Yes, we know we are dedicated and passionate about weddings, but it is our clients who tell everyone else and keep giving us awards and recognition.

We are thrilled to be honoured be our clients who have recognized our efforts and voted us as the Northwest’s Best Wedding DJs in numerous awards. Here are some of the most important ones:

  1. . Five-time Winner - Best Wedding DJ Seattle
  2. . Seven-time Recipient - Best of the Knot
  3. . 2014 Knot Hall of Fame Inductee
  4. . Eight-time Winner - Northwest Bridal Resources Top Wedding DJ
  5. . Two-time Winner - Best of CitySearch
  6. . The Howard Group wins multiple Business of the Year Awards

You can read more about Sounds Unlimited’s distinguished awards HERE.

Can I see some of your DJ’s references?

You don’t need to ask twice, it will be our pleasure to provide you with the references you request. We are proud to show any of our potential client’s testimonials we have received from happy brides, which you can also check on our website. If you take a moment to browse some of the awards from our clients voting us Seattle’s Best DJ Service, you will get the best reference there is.

We are not just a DJ service, but a family based business who strives for perfection and cares about every bride’s happiness.

Price and Options

Is Sounds Unlimited more expensive than other DJ companies?

Since your wedding is a unique event, we only want to offer you the best experience with reasonable costs. Brides can choose one of our cost-effective packages and enjoy our 30-year experience that will transform their big day into a stylish, unforgettable event. Our special effects and additions, such as photo montages, up-lighting, karaoke and photo booths will add that extra touch to your wedding ceremony.

It is true that while there are some cheaper companies than Sounds Unlimited, there are also pricier ones. However, we are convinced you won’t find a better and more professional company than us. We won the title of Best Wedding DJ in Seattle 5 times, The Best of the Knot -7 times, and the 2014 Knot’s Hall of Fame Inductee award. These, among many others, confirm who we really are and why you should choose our services.

Ceremony Services

Can You Help With Planning the Music for Our Ceremony?

Definitely! We actually helped create a special wedding ceremony CD, recognized by Microsoft Encarta and used by the Editor of Bride’s Magazine for her daughters wedding. We have a complete planner that outlines every step of the ceremony and gives you music options for each one. Planning your ceremony music will be a snap.

Do You Have Sounds Systems for the Ceremony Music?

Yes we do! Our compact and unobtrusive Ceremony Sound Systems are perfect for creating a wonderful soft ambience for your guests as well as heralding the bride’s procession!

Can our officiate use your microphone?

Absolutely! We can have hand held microphones that your officiate is welcome to use. Also, if needed, a special lavaliere microphone is available for an additional charge.

Can musicians plug into your sound system?

Our systems are professional DJ systems using computers and DJ equipment. They are not designed to work with live instruments and band related equipment. Please ask your musicians to supply their own PA for their needs.

What’s the Big Deal About Professional Training?

Are you really the only DJ company with Professionally trained DJs?

Yes, it really is true! But don’t take our word for it, just ask any other DJ about their training. They will tell you about their experience (learning from mistakes) and maybe even a few conventions they have attended but they can’t tell you they went through professional DJ training and became certified Wedding DJs or Wedding MCs.

What’s the Big Deal About Professional Wedding DJ Training? Is it really necessary?

Well, it’s not impossible to do an OK job without training, but it’s like driving a car without anyone ever teaching you how. With training you learn what to do, what not to do, how not to make stupid mistakes, how to avoid accidents, etc.

Sure, you can drive a car or dj a wedding without training, but its guaranteed there will be a lots of accidents along the way, and you will still never be prepared for emergencies or special circumstances even after driving or DJing for years. It’s definitely not a safe or the best choice for your wedding.

Then How Do Other DJs Learn To DJ Weddings?

They learn from their mistakes. They try it one way, if that doesn’t work well, they try it a different way at the next wedding. The problem is that a wedding is so complicated; it’s not like a simple party where it’s only about the music. There are special announcements, formalities, extended families, issues with timing and pace, etc. A “learn as you go DJ” will continue to learn from their mistakes, including the ones they will make at your wedding, for years.

What About Those Obnoxious DJs Who Never Stop Talking?

With Sounds Unlimited, You will never have to worry about intrusive or obnoxious DJs . We believe in tasteful audience interaction and we will never overwhelm your guests with endless or unneeded DJ microphone chatter.

When an MC Makes a Huge Difference at a Wedding

Is there Truly a Big Difference Between a Wedding MC and a DJ?

Yes, there really is - Think of it this way. On many popular talent shows today you see or hear the MC (Ryan Seacrest, Carson Daly, etc.) continually keeping the show on track, the audience informed and engaged and everything flowing smoothly – especially if there is a glitch or stumble with the contestants or judges. Those shows also have a very skilled DJ who plays the music tracks for the contestants, and while you never see him, his role is important as well.

Now imagine one of those shows without an MC and DJ. Picture Ryan or Carson trying to make his announcements and then scrambling back to the DJ booth to play the next song? Sounds kind of silly doesn’t it?

It wouldn’t work very well for the show, and it doesn’t work very well for a wedding with announcements and formalities either. Grand Entrances, Cake Cuttings, Toasts and First Dances all really need a polished MC to be at their best.

What Will an MC Do for My Wedding?

Your MC will work with you to ensure a smooth-running wedding reception from start to finish. He avoids hiccups and creates flawless events by entertaining the guests and working the room with his flair and experience.

Are There Different Types of MC?

Yes, there are a variety of interaction levels with MCs and choosing the one that’s right for you is very important. From Polished and Professional to Outgoing and Entertaining you can select the interaction you want by picking the MC package that best fits your personal style.

What Are the Premier MCs

Our Sounds Unlimited Premier Wedding MCs are true creators of magic. They will infuse your reception with bits of your personal story, fun and unique twists of the traditional wedding formalities, and personal flair that ensures your wedding reception will be personalized, distinctive and definitively you.

This is the MC who effortlessly creates a party atmosphere giving you the reception you have always dreamed of. We are happy to explain more to you about our Premier MCs, their special training and how they can make your reception magical.

I heard of many DJ’s that refer to themselves as MC’s. What about them?

Unfortunately this is true and it happens quite frequently. To avoid any misunderstanding, please refer to the previous Q&A where we explain the clear difference between the two.

People claiming to be both DJ’s and MC’s just hope clients are not aware of the differences between the two tasks. They are as different as a truck and a race car driver. Sure they both drive and can most likely operate any vehicle, but you won’t win any races with the UPS delivery guy. Any DJ can make an announcement on the microphone, but it won’t sound polished and professional: “Ummm, like you know what I mean, it’s now about the time to have the first dance so if, ah, the groom could step away from the bar and ah, find Sarah and then walk over to the ….. OK, now at this time, if I can have everybody give them a big round of applause ” You get the idea, that’s a DJ making an announcement not an MC making your wedding dreams come true.

Sounds Unlimited MC’s have a special training in their field; they are trained public speakers who have acquired specific methods and skills at directing and announcing weddings. With years of experience, they understand weddings inside and out. The true experts in this business offer greatly added value to any wedding and are really priceless.

I have a wedding coordinator do I need an MC?

Wedding coordinators are like the coach of the team and they love working with our MCs! They know the difference between a cheesy unprofessional DJ and a pro who is going to help make your wedding flow smoothly. A team is only as strong as it’s weakest link, and a terrific wedding coordinator does even better with a great MC (think coach and star quarterback).

How Is That Different From Other DJs

How is Sounds Unlimited Back-up Service Different from Other DJs?

Other DJs don’t have any back up plan or service. They will tell you about their back up equipment (everyone has that), but that won’t hep you at all if they are sick, in an accident, go out of business, etc. They will tell you they are never sick or in an accident, but life happens. We are the only DJ Service with a DJ, Vehicle, and Equipment standing by on call. We are the DJs that all the venues call when the DJ from another company has failed to show up for a wedding.

Couples need to be confident that everything will go according to plan, despite unexpected episodes. True pros are never caught off-guard and, just so you know we are 100% trustworthy, our backup plan consists of a total package in case your chosen DJ has suffered an accident or is sick. There is always an extra vehicle, extra equipment, and an extra DJ on call ready to step in at a moments notice. No other DJ service can offer you that level of security.

It wouldn’t work very well for the show, and it doesn’t work very well for a wedding with announcements and formalities either. Grand Entrances, Cake Cuttings, Toasts and First Dances all really need a polished MC to be at their best.

Using Your Microphone for Toasts, Uplighting, etc.

Will my family and guests be able to use your microphone for their toasts and announcements?

Absolutely! When the toast or announcement moment occurs, our DJ will be more than happy to set any of your guests up and explain how the microphone works so that the message goes through loud and clear.

Should I be concerned about the equipment needed on location?

Absolutely not – we’ve got it all covered, whether you are having an indoor or an outdoor reception (beach weddings included). We always come prepared with the professional equipment, lighting and music we need to create a magical atmosphere and an unforgettable event.

Will we have access to your sound system equipment? (e.g. in an event featuring a DVD photo montage)

Sure you will, and the great thing about it is that the sound service is absolutely free! We will keep a space open on our mixer board for your input cable. Simply bring the cable to the DJ and he will connect it to his equipment.

Do you offer video projection equipment?

For a minimal fee, we will provide you will a professional LCD projector, a DVD player, an eight-foot screen and any other equipment you might need.

Will your staff display any type of advertising banners or signs at my wedding?

We pride ourselves in being professional and classy, and you will never see table banners or DJ signs. This day is all about the bride and making her dreams come true. Furthermore, our DJ’s will attend the events in formal attire (unless clients request otherwise) and all our equipment will be displayed in the most tasteful way.

What can you do in the case of a venue with poor acoustics?

Nothing can stop a Sounds Unlimited event from being unforgettable, not even poor acoustics! Our hi-tech equipment and super-well trained DJ’s can face any acoustic problem. In the past we have come across many wedding reception venues with poor acoustics, but we fixed the issue with our specialized equipment so the brides could enjoy a fabulous reception in the setting of their dreams.

Our Seattle Wedding DJ service extends from Northwestern Washington including Seattle, Everett, and Tacoma. Call one of our Seattle DJ planners at 206-364-4000 to arrange your event with us. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, school dance or bar mitzvah, we'll take care of all the details so you can enjoy your event to the fullest!

Sounds Unlimited, the best Seattle wedding DJ, provides leading Seattle DJ Services including Wedding DJs, School Dance DJs, and Corporate Events. We can also supply Seattle DJ services for Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, and parties of all kinds.
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Seattle WA 98155
(206) 364-4000